A further optimisation of the diesel-electric drive can be achieved by combining the Eprop with a Distributed Power Management System, the D&A® DPMS. While the Eprop regulates the rotational speed of the screw, the DPMS provides optimal use of the total available power. This is done by replacing the standard control in each generator with a PLC with additional power management software. The PLC controls and monitors "its” generator based on pre-programmed information, which is continuously supplemented with data from other PLC’s. This effective collaboration ensures that the efficiency of the combined generators is optimised, regardless of the power demand. Because each generator is equipped with a full, independent control circuit, it also invalidates the need for a backup system.

 investment that pays

A frequently heard comment is that a variable speed diesel-electric drive will be more expensive than a conventional power train. The reality is that total operating costs are lower!



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