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D&A® electric specialises in power transmission and there is power transmission in virtually every moving product and process. It’s that simple! Your coffee machine and your power drill are driven by an electric motor, but also cars, compressors, conveyors and cranes make extensive use of electric motors. Without even mentioning the products and processes of the future. In particular, environmental concerns and rising fuel prices mean that more and more entrepreneurs are searching for the 'perfect' electric drive for their products or processes. A search that unfortunately has many snags. 

An electric motor accelerates and decelerates rapidly and then revolves at a fixed speed. For many industrial applications and processes, rapid acceleration and the inability to control the speed and torque to match, poses a large problem. An additional disadvantage is that the generated mechanical energy is often poorly exploited and there is so much unnecessary energy consumption. Pre-programmed frequency converters allow the engine to run at a desired speed, but what if there is no "standard" frequency converter for your specific application? What if customisation is needed because too many variables play a role? 

D&A® electric creates power transmission solutions by developing "tailor-made" automated drives! Both nationally and internationally, D&A® electric is one of the few companies that has the knowledge and experience in-house to resolve even the most complex power transmission issues. By fully taking into account the wishes of the client, by creating and making what is really needed to solve problems, processes run more smoothly and save energy. And by translating technical developments into contemporary solutions that can be seamlessly used in processes, independently of existing installations and manufacturers.

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