Much is also still to be gained in the power drive field in the industrial sector. Complex processes often consist of a number of linked, one-off production resources, which are provided by the supplier with their own drive. Fine for the product itself, but unfortunately, often a disruption in the entire process. A good example of this are the countless integrated conveyor belts installed in complete production processes. A heavily loaded conveyor belt, for instance, must be started and operated very differently from an empty belt.

D&A® electric specialists provide a drive that matches the variations in load factor and is optimally integrated into the underlying process.


The advantages for the industry at a glance:

• Optimisation of the processes

• Significant savings in energy consumption

• Compensate for changed process variables

• Less impact loads

• Variable speeds/ rotational revs

• Lower maintenance costs

Vacuum-pump drive

Dirt and water absorbers and other vacuum reservoirs are often fixed on trucks and function via a branch of the truck engine.

D&A® electric separated the electric vacuum pumps on the trucks of a large cleaning company and provided each pump with its own electric drive. Now the truck only has to deliver the trailer with the mounted vacuum tank to its destination. The savings for the truck fleet and energy consumption are significant.



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