Ongoing projects

Construction of a next generation short sea shipping vessel started at Gelibolu Shipyard in Turkey and Holland Shipyards Group

Construction of a next generation short sea shipping vessel developed by Conoship International Projects (CIP) started at Gelibolu Shipyard in Turkey. This innovative, diesel-electric and environmentally friendly 3600 tdw general cargo vessel is suited for sea-river operations. This vessel can be considered the new standard for low-air draught sea-river coasters. With its well thought out diesel-electric propulsion system, designed by D&A Electric, its fuel consumption will be best in class. 

The design of this ship is highly future-proof. Additional elements of the design arrangement facilitate a switch to future fuels.

We, D&A Electric, are proud to contribute to this ultra-fuel-efficient cargo vessel.

The ceremonial start of the construction of Gelibolu Shipyards building number NB60 took place on November 24, 20022 at the Gelibolu Shipyard in Turkey.

More of these 3600 tdw diesel-electric propulsed cargo vessels will be constructed by the Dutch based company Holland Shipyards Group. These vessels are also equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system, designed by D&A Electric.


Four (4) D&A® Multidrive systems for Ferus Smit

Second D&A Multi Drive System serving the boardnet or the bowthruster.

Inputs from shaft alternator (50Hz/60Hz) and a wide range shore supply.

Ferus Smit, thank you for your trust in our company. No remarks from Bureau Veritas surveyor.



TSHD Krakesandt

Recently TSHD Krakesandt was launched at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in Kampen. This modern dredger is
equipped with a smart diesel-electric system, developed by D&A® Electric, which efficiently regulates the
energy supply for sailing, dredging and unloading of the ship.
In addition to smart and stable power management, the use of the E-prop electric propulsion increases the
overall propeller efficiency during dredging, sailing and manoeuvring, optimising energy and fuel consumption
and greatly reducing the ship's emissions.
The Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger is, just like the successful sister ship Anchorage that was delivered to
De Hoop Terneuzen last year, ready for the future by applying this sustainable and state-of-art propulsion technology.




Scintilla Maris 

We are pleased to announce that D&A® Electric is involved in a project by Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam: HD-23 Trust is currently being converted into a beautiful yacht called Scintilla Maris.

NIOZ Research Vessel Wim Wolff 

After a careful tendering process, the NWO-I Foundation Board awarded the construction of Research Vessel Wim Wolff to Thecla Bodewes Shipyards. This research vessel replaces the RV Navicula and is the first new vessel in the national research fleet.
The ship's philosophy, with the development of a sustainable diesel-electric power management system from D&A Electric with a lithium-free battery pack, ensures that the ship has minimal emissions upon delivery. In addition, the ship can easily be adapted to new technologies and energy sources without major renovations.

Vertom Joy

At Thecla Bodewes' shipyard in Kampen four 7.000 TDW Diesel-Electric Multi-Purpose Dry Cargo vessels 
will be developed and contructed for Vertom.
We are proud to deliver a future proof modular electric propulsion system for one of these ships.



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