Power transmission customised for shipping means that the power demand can be simply tailored to varying load factors, for up- and downstream, the water level, etc. It also means that thruster propulsion, cargo pumps and other equipment do not require additional power to be installed. 

The principle can be applied in a cost efficient manner in both new and existing vessels. By installing a network of two or more smaller generator sets instead of one large main engine, you can choose a different generator combination for fluctuating power demand. If desired, this can also be fully automated. The control of the power management system provides the interaction.

The advantages for shipping at a glance:

• Optimum fuel efficiency

• Unparalleled thrust/power ratio

• Improved manoeuvrability and quicker acceleration

• The bow thruster, pumps, ship-sourced power, etc. are 'connected'

• The system requires little maintenance

• Electrical machines can be easily built-in

MTS Amulet, an eco-tanker with a clear conscience

The MTS Amulet is ‘green’ and sustainable, but also economic and competitive. The entire diesel-electric powered eco-tanker is ahead of its time. Savings of 35% to 40% have been demonstrated in various usage profiles of the ship!



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