An investment that pays


A frequently heard comment is that a variable speed diesel-electric drive will be more expensive than a conventional power train. The reality is that total operating costs are lower. The initial cost will indeed often be somewhat higher, particularly for the electrical installation. In contrast, a number of things do not have to be installed or are cheaper. So a large diesel engine costs more than 2 small ones together and the benefit of the thruster installations is largely cancelled out. Also, wear and maintenance of the system, in particular of the generator sets and the propeller, are significantly more favourable. And the total installed capacity is lowered, because with the Eprop concept, less power is needed to get the same effective thrust. Last but not least, that extra investment pays for itself within 3 years, because overall significant fuel savings can be realised. On balance, we can safely say that any higher purchase costs are more than offset by lower operating costs. Truly a worthwhile investment!


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