TSHD Anchorage was delivered on the 5th of June 2020 to the Zeeland based company

De Hoop Terneuzen. The dredger has been designed with state of the art technology.

The hull was designed by and built at Barkmeijer in Stroobos.

Anchorage is equipped with a smart diesel-electric system, developed in close collaboration

between Barkmeijer Shipyards and D&A® Electric, that efficiently regulates the energy supply

for sailing, dredging and unloading the ship.

The use of the E-prop® electric propulsion increases the overall propeller efficiency, where,

as a result, energy and fuel consumption is optimized and the ship's emissions are greatly reduced.

D&A® Electric's Dynamic Power Management System avoids any overload on the active power

generation. Propulsion, bow thruster and main pumps are efficiently controlled to avoid peak loads

on the generators. The installation does not require peak shaving at all.


D&A® electric was responsible for the design, implementation, commissioning and turn-key delivery

of the complete drive system, comprising: 

  • 1 D&A® drive network panel
  • 1 D&A® drive network panel for barge AFT
  • 2 D&A® Eprop® panel (PS and SB)
  • 2 brake resistors to absorb reversing energy of the propellers (PS and SB)
  • 1 D&A® Eprop® controller
  • 2 D&A® bridge control panel for D&A® Eprop®
  • 1 D&A® bridge control panel for D&A Ebow
  • 1 D&A® static converters for the normal board net of the ship
  • 1 D&A® HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Electric motors for D&A® Eprop® propulsion
  • Aux generators for drive network supply, suitable for connection to a diesel engine
D&A® Epro®p has major advantages compared to existing propulsion systems.
Due to these advantages, D&A® Eprop® gives the ship a significant lower fuel consumption.
The high thrust/power ratio of D&A® Eprop® is available throughout the entire use of the propulsion.
This gives extreme acceleration, bollard pull capabilities and a higher speed of the ship; all combined
in one single propulsion system. Depending on the use of the ship, these savings can get as high as
40% in fuel, apart from the savings in maintenance costs. 






Logical solutions... for shipping

The Eprop system is a frequency-controlled diesel-electric drive that allows a normal barge to use up to 40% less fuel without any loss of speed. This result is determined by a different way of looking at the entire vessel, it’s normal sailing behaviour and the desired speed. The propulsion train is adjusted accordingly and shows significantly better fuel returns.





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